Department of Psychology

MPhil in Psychology (2 Years Course Work & Thesis)

The M.Phil. course will consist of three papers. The first paper will include intensive course work for three full papers of 100 marks in which one course will be optional and two courses will be ompulsory like as given below. Course final examination along with Viva-Voce of 50 marks will be held at the end of the first year. A student will be admitted to the M.Phil. course requiring to complete his/her course works of 14 credits (350 marks of which 300 theoretical and 50 viva-voce by the end of the first year as a full time student. Each theoretical course shall be of 100 marks (04 credits) and viva-voce 50 marks (02 credits).  The second year will consist of a dissertation on a topic to be approved by the Department Committee.

At present the Department offers M.Phil. courses in the following areas of which a student will have to select one:

Optional Courses are as follows:


First Year:

Course Code       Credit                  Marks                         Course Name (Optional)

PSYM: 6101               4                      100                              Social Psychology

PSYM: 6102               4                      100                              Developmental Psychology

PSYM: 6103               4                      100                              Industrial/Organizational Psychology

PSYM: 6104               4                      100                              Experimental Psychology

PSYM: 6105               4                      100                              Educational Psychology

PSYM: 6106               4                      100                              Clinical and Counseling Psychology


Optional Courses (one)                                                                     100



PSYM: 6107               Research Methodology                                 100

PSYM: 6108               Special Topic of Research                            100

PSYM: 6109               Viva Voce                                                       50

(To be passed independently; Pass Marks is 60%)


Second Year

PSYM: 6201                           Thesis

Theoretical Course:  Continuous Assessment             30 Marks

                                     Semester Final Examination    70 Marks

                                                                        Total = 100 Marks