Department of Anthropology


Vision, Mission, Aims and Objectives of the Entity:

The Vision:

Department of Anthropology of Jagannath University will be the best educational and research based department. It is our vision that it would be the first choice of the best and brightest students in Bangladesh. Furthermore, the graduate will contribute to the development of the academia and community.

The Aim:

The Aim of the department of Anthropology of Jagannath University is to teach and train graduates exploring the holistic understanding of bio-cultural diversity of human being over time period.




  • To produce professional anthropologists to serve the country and the whole world particularly in different fields of Anthropology.


  • To offer BSS (Honors) in Anthropology, MSS in Anthropology, and M. Phil and PhD degrees in Anthropology. However, the M. Phil and PhD programs have not been offered yet.


  • To train and produce high-quality graduates to meet up national and international requirements in various sectors of the job market.



  • To innovate new knowledge through research activities and their applications for the well being of the people, to disseminate knowledge about poverty alleviation, sustainable development and so on.
  • To arrange and manage education and research facilities by the help of and collaboration with the different authorities of the university, government, different research organizations, non-governmental organizations, donor agencies, etc.




 To ensure the Anthropology graduates enriched in following qualities:

  • Capable of using anthropological knowledge to identify, clarify and provide best possible solutions to issues and emerging problems relating to individual, workplace, society and the country.


  • Leadership and managerial capabilities of any relevant organizations.


  • Moral characters.


  • Making scientific and analytical mind towards the human life.


  • To enhance the teaching, research and service mission of the department by retaining

          and recruiting outstanding faculty and staff.