Department of Botany

Message from the Chairman

Welcome you to the Department of Botany, Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh

I like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you and your parents/guardians for getting admission to this department. Now, you are one of the valued members of this department.

With a wide range of courses, offered by the talent and energetic faculty members, we, here, strive to provide our students with an effective educational experience to create and apply the highest form of academic excellence. Faculty members of this department are conducting researches on UGC and government-funded projects. Some teachers are doing research leading to a Ph.D. in reputed universities of home and abroad. They have published their research findings in national and international journals. They are also actively engaged in various professional organizations to serve the society and academic community.

I encourage you to begin to consider the use of your time to flourish your talents and merits. Good grades and results are a stepping stone towards a good job and eventually living a standard life. I hope you would devote yourselves to serve your community, humanity and country.  I think you will define you and write the life story of Jagannath chapter with pride and honor. I can assure that you will find your teachers, staff and senior students as passionate, friendly, and cooperative. You will be a unique example for others. I am looking forward to having your education, behavior, belongingness to a positive change.

I hope you will do your best and you will be the best.


Dr. Shahrear Ahmad

Professor and Chairman