Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Message from the Chairman


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) in Jagannath University has been at the front positioning subject in the university. Our Department has brightest students and our goal is pushing them to ensure that they reach their greatest potential by putting them through some of the most challenging and rigorous computing courses.

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is part of the Faculty of Science at Jagannath University and started academic activities from 2009. Our department is a dynamic and growing community of scholars whose shared passion for research and education is a hallmark of the Vanderbilt environment. Department of CSE is committed to outstanding undergraduate and graduate education, distinguished research programs, and strong service to our students, professional and technical societies, and the community into the country as well and internationally.

Research in our department spans a wide variety of disciplines essential to the growing field of Computer Science and Engineering. The academicians have research focus on areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Databases, Knowledge Engineering, Data Mining, Networks Security, Neural networks Fuzzy Systems, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis, Image Processing, Multimedia Semantics, Human Computer Interaction, Networks, Robotics, Embedded Systems, Internet Technologies and so on.  

In ultimate, I hope you will enjoy our website and welcome you to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.


Professor Dr. Uzzal Kumar Acharjee


Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Jagannath University

Dhaka-1100, Bangladesh.