Department of Public Administration

The mission of the Department of Public Administration (PAD) of Jagannath University is to inspire excellence in public service. It has a lot to offer in Bachelor and Master programs to match students’ passion for politics and administration. The quality of education is demonstrated by the ability of our graduates to pursue their full-time professional careers and advanced skills in public service leadership, decision making, and critical investigative and evaluative methods within the public sector. A significant number of high skilled faculty members work together for developing outcome-based curriculum. Our faculties hold masters and PhD degrees with prestigious international scholarships including Commonwealth, Developing Solutions Master’s Scholarship, NASPAA accreditation MPA, ADB- Japan Scholarship Program and Prime Minister Fellowship etc. The goal of the Department is manifested in the significant research output of the faculty and the professional success of its graduates. Faculties are working relentlessly to foster students’ community development skills. Hence our young students are committed to mitigate and respond to the natural disasters and have been our invaluable partners in mobilizing humanitarian actions across the nation during Covid 19 pandemic. They actively participate in football, cricket, volleyball, debate, and other cultural activities. Please visit our department Web site to learn more about our programs, student groups, awards and scholarships.

Dr. Asma Binte-Iqbal

Chairman & Professor