Department of History


Greetings and a warm welcome to the Department of History at Jagannath University, Dhaka. As Chairperson, it is my pleasure to share our department's vision and exciting initiatives with you. We take immense pride in fostering a rich academic environment that encourages critical thinking, research, and a deep understanding of historical perspectives. History is not just a journey into the past but also a guide for navigating the complexities of the present and shaping the future. In the upcoming academic year, we aim to enhance the learning experience for our students through a dynamic outcome-based curriculum, engaging seminars, and collaborative research opportunities. We encourage students to explore the diverse facets of history, developing a global perspective that transcends borders and cultures.

Our esteemed faculty members are renowned for their expertise and dedication, and they are here to mentor and inspire students on their academic journey. We encourage students to actively engage in departmental activities, clubs, and events, as these experiences play a crucial role in fostering personal development and providing a comprehensive education. Moreover, we are dedicated to promoting inclusiveness and embracing variety. An inclusive scholarly community enhances our comprehension of history and mirrors the different viewpoints present in our global society.

I encourage you to explore the resources available on our website, stay updated on departmental news, and participate in upcoming events. Together, let us create a vibrant academic community that celebrates the passion for history and cultivates the leaders and scholars of tomorrow.



Department of History, Jagannath University, Dhaka