Department of History

Overview of the Department of History, Jagannath University, Dhaka

Experience the vibrant world of history at the esteemed Department of History, Jagannath University, Dhaka. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of the past and cultivate a profound comprehension of our collective history, which influences our future. The department established in 1975 under Jagannath College and then transformed into Jagannath University in 2005, has always upheld a legacy of historical knowledge and academic distinction. Jagannath University was established with a strong dedication to pluralism, firmly rooted in the country's cultural tradition. Our founders aimed to construct an enduring educational institution that would reject sectarianism and indiscriminate Westernization and instead serve as a solid basis for Eastern education. The sacrifices made by our students during the struggle for the Bengali language and the War of Independence exemplify their profound dedication to fostering community and nation-building.

The Department of History, one of the oldest and extensive departments at Jagannath University, has played a crucial role in defining the intellectual environment of the university. This institution has adapted to the evolving educational environment, initially offering Honours and Masters programs. The department has embraced new historiographical developments, ensuring a dynamic and comprehensive study of the past. Our department offers diverse academic programs, including ‘B.A. Honours in History’ at the undergraduate level, ‘M.A. in History’, M.Phil. (History) at the postgraduate level and a Ph.D. (History) program for doctoral candidates. These programs reflect our commitment to providing a well-rounded and rigorous education in historical studies.

In response to the existing educational environment, the Academic Committee of the History Department introduced English as the medium of instruction in 2017. This approach provides access to a wide range of resources and ensures that students are kept up to date with the most recent advancements. The utilization of the English language in teaching stimulates students to actively participate in research endeavours and make valuable contributions to the international academic community. Despite certain constraints, the department actively facilitates and encourages students and staff members in their research pursuits. In addition, the Department's curriculum is also continuously developing to guarantee the utmost degree of competence in teaching and research.

The academic community in our department is dynamic and lively, consisting of 16 committed faculty members and 6 employees. Our goal is establishing an inclusive and friendly atmosphere, considering our student body exceeds five hundred individuals. Our infrastructure comprises fully equipped classrooms, seminar rooms, and teachers’ spaces, creating an environment conducive to learning and promoting productive discussions. We advocate beyond the limitations of textbooks. The department regularly organizes seminars, discussions, and lectures by renowned academicians to enrich the academic experience of both students and faculty members.  In addition, we organize many activities such as Fresher’s Reception, Farewell, study excursions, cultural programs, and university day celebrations, fostering a lively and interactive community.

In acknowledgement of the significance of mentorship, we have appointed two specialized Student Advisers from the faculty who offer academic support and guidance to students. This guarantees that every student receives individualized supervision throughout their academic voyage. Furthermore, we advocate for financial support to enhance the well-being of the students. The ZebunNesa Trust Fund is specifically designated for the female students within the department. The Department of History at Jagannath University serves as more than just a storage place for historical information. It is a vibrant community dedicated to moulding knowledgeable, reflective, and involved individuals who will make valuable contributions to our collective future. Embark on a chronological expedition where historical events unravel and the current moment acquires enhanced significance.