Department of Zoology

Science subjects were used to be taught at Jagannath University since 1910. Zoology as an independent subject started its journey in 1963, headed by Professor Mohibullah. Past records reveal that Zoology was taught as a part of Biology since then.

Zoology as a Full-fledged Department started its journey from 1963. Dr. D. S. Islam was the Chairman of Zoology in 1963 to 1968. After him, the renowned scholar and author Professor Amorendra Narayan Chowdhury was the Chairman and continued up to 1970. After his departure, Professor Dr. Q. A.T.M. Habibur Rahman was appointed as Chairman who successfully headed the Department until he took over the office of the Principal of Jagannath College in 1989. BSc (Honors) and Master Courses in Zoology were introduced in 1972 and 1980 session, respectively. In the growing demand of higher education, the college authority decided to offer educational facilities to the elderly and job holders at night shift and accordingly opened preliminary course in 1984. Initially, the College was affiliated with Calcutta University and later with Dhaka University when it came into existence in 1921 and subsequently under National University of Bangladesh until it became a full-fledged University in 2005.

Among the extra-curricular activities the most important achievement of the department is the publication of an international standard journal in 1986 under supervision of Prof. Dr. Meher-E-Khoda in the name of ‘Journal of Zoology’ which as acclaimed by many scholars. The department is owed to these distinguished scholars Prof. Dr. Meher-E- Khoda, Prof. Dr. Shahadat Ali, Prof. B. N. Biswas, Prof. Dr. Ayesha Khatun, Prof. Tahmina Begum, Prof. Anwar Malik, Prof. Dr. Azizun Nahar, Prof. Fazlul Haq Mollah, Prof. Gul Rukh Haq, Prof. Begum Nilufar.

At present, there are 28 faculty members working in the department. Three branches of specializations namely ‘Entomology’, ‘Fisheries’ and ‘Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation’ are offered for the M. Sc., M. Phil. and Ph.D. Degrees.  Approximately, there are 400 students taking their degrees in this department.