Department of Geography & Environment



The Department of Geography and Environment is one of the oldest as well as the proudest departments at Jagannath University, Dhaka. With a wide range of courses, offered by talented and energetic faculty members, we, here, strive to provide our students with an effective educational experience to create and apply the highest form of geographic knowledge. Recently, our department has started to conduct original geographic researches leading to MPhil and PhD programs. Geography, being a longstanding discipline using a variety of techniques, has demonstrated tremendous vitality and prospect in helping people to find solutions for the diversified problems faced by human beings. It is our department’s mission to pursue geographical knowledge and effective environmental management pertinent to the sustainable development of the human race. Our faculty members have published their research findings in national and international journals. They are also actively engaged in consultancy works and play vital roles in various government advisory committees and professional organizations to serve the society and academic community. As the chairman of this dynamic department, I am pleased to encourage you to learn more about our programs and activities by contacting us or visiting us in person.


Prof. Dr. Md Moniruzzaman                  


Department of Geography and Environment
Jagannath University, Dhaka