Department of Geography & Environment

Department of Geography and Environment, Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh


Keeping in harmony with the long drawn glorious history of the Jagannath University, the Department of Geography and Environment has earned a golden past with remarkable present contributing to the nation through different tiers of activities and programmes. The main task of this department is to facilitate students to understand the practical problems and issues of the society and environment and train them on the solution through an integrated theoretical and practical approach.

Geography as a subject was first introduced in Jagannath University (Former Jagannath College) at the degree level and MA level in the years of 1953-54 and 1972-73 respectively and continued as honors course under the Department of Geography from 1976. In 2002 this Department of Geography was converted into the Department of Geography and Environment to synchronize with the modern global demand. After the declaration of Jagannath College being transformed into a fully-fledged university in 2005, semester system has been introduced in this department with modern contemporarycurriculum that includes final examination, tutorial in course, midterm as well as student’s presentation, field work, assignment etc. Apart from academic training the Department of Geography and Environment is contributing significantly with 21 dedicated teachers to the national and international scientific community through a wide spectrum of scientific studies and researches.

The seminar library of this department is very rich playing a vital role in the pursuit of delivering knowledge to the students, researchers and teachers. The RS-GIS lab of the department is aided with modern spatial tools e.g. Remote Sensing and GIS to help facilitate students, teachers and researchers to draw solution to the spatial problem through geospatial analysis, database preparation and visualization. Besides, the Department has environment lab offering various opportunities to explore and analyze various environmental problems through environmental analysis and recommending solutions. In addition to that, the department helps students to operate different clubs e.g. environmental club and media club to practically contribute and practice their learning at the university and beyond. The Climate and Disaster Study Unit (CDSU), a research wing of the department where research students have been supported since 2010. Few research projects have been conducted under the study unit and senior faculty member Prof. Dr. Md Moniruzzaman is the founder head of the research wing.

The Department of Geography and Environment with its wide range of commitment and responsibilities to the country, contributes to various social and environmental welfares such as raising community awareness, disseminating of knowledge regarding environmental societal challenges and solutions through Environmental Club and Media Club. From time to time, national and international seminars on different topics are also arranged by the dedicated and efficient teaching staffs of this department. With the sincere effort of the teachers, the students of this department are obtaining B.Sc and M.Sc degree successfully with brilliant result every year that delivers notable amount of expert professional under different services of the government. These professionals in the national and international arena are contributing with dedication, integrity and dignity.