Department of Pharmacy

Message from the Chairman

Welcome to the Department of Pharmacy, Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. We, the team of Faculty and staff members graduated from various famous local and foreign universities or Institutes, are working keeping the vision of improving health through excellence and innovation in pharmacy education, patient care, service, and the pursuit of new knowledge. Bangladesh is still a developing country thereby facing the sharply increasing heath crisis. Thus, like other sectors, the health sector should be managed by skilled manpower in all the related areas. Though the medical and nursing education is widespread by this time in our country, there is high demand of skilled Pharmaceutical Scientists to ensure the complementary roles, especially in different areas of pharmaceuticals including production, quality control, product development, quality assurance, etc. Even the drug research in our country is now just a bud and needs to be flourished to be adopted with the global trend. Thus we have introduced this course in our University.

The special attention of our department is to develop the skilled manpower who will run academic and institutional research activities thereby ensuring continuous improvement of the health care sector. Accordingly, we have established the FDCC, which is an advance research facility with sophisticated research equipments specially for analysis of the trace elements present in pharmaceutical products and raw material, or even the consumer products and goods. We believe this will appear as an exceptional research facility for our country within short time.    

We have designed our programs and courses keeping our log-term vison in mid. The B.Pharm. (Hons.) is a 162-credit program having all the relevant courses and M.Pharm., whereas, the M.Pharm. is a 38-credit program having courses based on the countries requirement in the pharmaceutical Sciences area. Not only this, the courses are in continuous improvement process to ensure the best-match with our institutional vision.

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Professsor Dr. Mohammad Musarraf Hussain

Chairman, Department of Pharmacy

Jagannath University