Department of Pharmacy


Worldwide the Pharmacists are playing vital role in hospitals and clinics for preparing and dispensing medications, communicating with other health care professional, educating patients about medications. Whereas, the Pharmaceutical Scientists are getting involved in Pharmaceuticals and academic as well as non-academic institutions for discovering new drugs along with their biological evaluation, formulation development, manufacturing, testing and Quality Assurance of the raw and finished pharmaceuticals. Creating new medicines requires a large team of scientists with training in many different scientific disciplines including various areas of chemistry, biology, engineering, informatics and medicine. In fact, Pharmaceutical Scientists are the experts having the most diverse knowledge necessary for this multidimensional research field. However, regardless of where they choose to specialize in the drug development process, pharmaceutical scientists have the satisfaction of spending their time looking for ways to help people fight disease and stay healthy.

In Bangladesh, Pharmacy Graduates are employed by a number of Universities and Institutions, small to large scale drug manufacturers and biotech companies, governmental agencies. Significant number of these scientists are also getting employed in research laboratories as part of a large team of scientists for developing new drug therapies. Others are employed in pharmaceutical brand management, or even hospitals and large clinics. Thus these graduates are now providing strong enforcement for not only our heath but also our national economy.

Considering this importance of the Pharmaceutical Scientists in the academic and research institutions and as well as in pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and clinics and other related institutions, Jagannath University has introduced the Department of Pharmacy in 2008. The Department has now its own laboratory set up for regular practical classes. At the same time, it has established a separate laboratory for future sophisticated research activities. With significant number of Faculty Members having higher degrees in various field, the Department is going to provide more skilled manpower for our developing country within very short time.