Department of Psychology



Department of Psychology established in 1966 as an independent department at the Jagannath University College (Former Jagannath College). Since its inception Psychology was taught only at degree level (2 years BSc Pass course). In 1986, the Department of Psychology was started only with the Graduate (MSc.) course in Psychology under the Faculty of Science. The inclusion of Bachelor (Honours) Degree Course in Psychology started from the academic session 2002-03 which was the significant step towards making the department a full-fledged one. Currently, the Department of Psychology offers a four-year (in 8 Semesters) program leading to a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree and one year Master of Science (MSc.) degree from 2005-06. At present, there are 300 existing students in 1 to 8 semester at undergraduate levels, and 54 students in MSc in 2 Semester, there are also 6 MPhil Students and 5 PhD students. Thus, there are about 360 students in this department of psychology, pursuing different courses in the department. Throughout the program, students are expected to become well versed in psychological theories, research, and application of psychological knowledge during their student life.

The Department of Psychology also has one year Masters’ in a Psychology program in three different disciplines of psychology, i.e. MSc in Clinical and Counseling Psychology, MSc in Educational and Developmental Psychology, MSc in  Industrial and Organizational Psychology. The department of psychology also has MPhill and PhD program in Psychology.