Department of Psychology

Official Publications

Jagannath University Journal of Psychology (JnUJP)

Jagannath University Journal of Psychology (JnUJP) is an official scientific research journal of the psychology department of Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The journal is publishing once a year in every December as a single volume regularly. Paper and articles on original scientific research, review, theory, and inventions fundamentally related to the widespread subject-matter of psychology. JnUJP is a peer-reviewed publication, which welcomes empirical and theoretical papers as created by the researchers and scholars in the field with international quality and standard. It also includes research summaries and book reviews on the relevant subjects’ area. Currently, the editorial committee is working for its 5th issue to publish. 

MONOKOTHA- A Psychological Awareness Magazine  

Department of Psychology, Jagannath University also publishing a psychological awareness magazine once a year called MONOKOTHA in Bangla. The department is published two issues of MONOKOTHA so far in which professional psychologist, academicians, scholars, and students are contributing as authors of its articles.    

Brochure of the Department of Psychology

Department of Psychology, Jagannath University has occasionally published an official brochure which includes information about the department, ongoing programmes, current academic activities such as Seminars, Workshop, Training held, and projects, grant, scholarship and award received by the scholars and faculty members. Department has so far published two brochure i.e.  Brochure 2012, and Brochure 2013.


Department of Psychology, Jagannath University used to publish BSc Hons Syllabus, MSc Syllabus, and M.Phil Syllabus every year.